Square Projects —

During my time at Square, I worked on various projects, from email design system to art direction, illustrations, product onboarding experience, and strategic email + website campaigns.

Email Design System

Initiated and co-led the email design system project while working on other projects at the same time.

Problems and pain-points

There are different stages of emails (transactional, lead gen, and marketing, aka Grow and Retention Marketing) built and owned by different teams via various automation services. Then there are also different types of emails (nurture, x-sell, feature launch, receipts, confirmation, etc.) within these different stages. As a result, emails across Square products end up having different styles, brand recognization, and looks and feels. The lack of an established design system and workflow for email design and deployment at Square also creates extra time-intensive tasks for both designers and engineers.


There are a few goals for this project:

1. Consistency: Ensure the visual consistency for all Square emails to create a better impact on conversion, customer retention, and brand's voice.

2. Efficiency: Reduce time-intensive tasks of email production. An email design system can also help designers speed up workflow and focus on more strategic campaigns.

3.Self-serve tool: PMMs can use a self-serve tool with imported templates and components to build emails that do not necessarily require design help.


1. Identify a list of stakeholders and cross-functional partnerhips.

2. Audit all previous and current emails to evaluate the different types of content that is communicated through emails, identify common design patterns, and organize them into different buckets.

3. Understand the pain-points of designers and engineers as well as the stakeholders' needs to define workflow, general content types, and establish requirements.

4. Build a toolkit of design components and templates that are aligned with Square's current UI and Marketing design systems and brand guidelines.

5. Collaborate with email Eng team to ensure optimization practices and necessary integrations are enabled.

Landing pages

Strategically worked with PMMs and copywriters to either initiate or execute landing page campaigns for different Square products. Utilize insights and data to improve the design experience while also ensure business goals.

Illustration + Animation

Illustrations and animated videos for different projects such as onboarding app screens for Square Appointment, Square Retail onboarding video tutorials, and social media assets for Square Marketing and Team Mangagement.