MCM Worldwide —

E-commerce redesign for a luxury travel goods and accessories brand

About The Project

MCM is a Korean luxury travel goods brand founded in Munich, German. MCM crosses the boundaries of streetwear and high-end fashion and known as the It bag for 21st-century global nomads. By focusing on brand engagement, cross-sells, and functional innovation, the new e-commerce joins contemporary aesthetics with the energetic voice of the brand.


- Transferred wires into compelling designs that adhere to MCM's brand guidelines and the creative brief.

- Helped out with layout grid, breakpoint designs, stretch testing, as well as designing popup pages and creating icons and wires for reserve in store and sign-in.


Visual Design


Huge Agency/2017


Design Director: Stephanie Butterworth

Visual Designer: Jacqueline Pifer

UX Designer: Jenny Clark

A Seamless Experience

Flexible module system and consistent brand narratives throughout the whole site experience allow the brand to weave products and story together, artfully, and cohesively.


A unique icon system enriches the brand and differentiates it from the rest.

Users First

From landing page to product printing page, the look and feel stays consistent to ensure users have a smooth journey on the site, whether they want to share a product on social media or need a print-out of the product information.

Library System

A well organized and documented library system ensures consistent use of icons, typography, images, color, and other components.