Nite Jogger CLP —

A Campaign Landing Page design for Nite Jogger SS2019 that helped drive conversion and connected the brand with its consumers.

About The Project

Nite Jogger campaign successfully stood out from the rest as it is the first-ever Adidas campaign that allows users to toggle different locations/time zones to explore different angles and looks of the shoes. The website's design experience emphasized the NITE VISION technology of the Nite Jogger shoes that lights the way through the dark.


- Collaborated with a team of PMM, design director, UX designer, and copywriter to produce responsive comps for the CLP

- Brainstormed layouts for CLP modules and adjusted designs based on feedback from the client


Visual Design




Design Director: Zach Ruden

UX Designer: Kory Rozich

Product Manager: Charlie Geyer

Phase 1 – Introducing Nite Jogger Shoes

Phase 2 – Introducing More Colorways

With the hustle and bustle of the daytime gone, people become more creative at night, allowing their minds to grow in the absence of schedules. New modules are added with not only toggle function to see the dark and light version of the shoes but also with a focus on streetwear and influencer marketing.