Heatr —

A real-time, live sports bet tracking application for most of the favorite sports.

About The Project

Heatr is a mobile companion app for sports fans that enjoy gambling. It is poised to be the one-stop community for all sports betting, allowing users to track bets with a real-time summary dashboard for all their favorite games.


- Industry and user research

- Stakeholder interview

- Competitors analysis

- Sitemapping, user flows, wires, paper prototyping

- UI+Visual Design


UX/UI Design



UX/UI Design





VP of Design: Mark Garcia

UX Consultant: Jade Ng

iOS Developer: Kevin Johnson


As the lead UX/UI designer on the project, my first task was to conduct some basic research on sport betting rules and terminologies and analyze the competitors.

Stakeholder Interview

I conducted a few stakeholder interviews with the client to gain a deeper understanding of the client's business, who his target was and what his goals were.

Sitemap and User Flows

With only a high-level concept, Heatr came to Majestyk seeking a partner that could expand on this idea and bring the product to life. Through a comprehensive discovery and strategy process, I developed a feature set, infrastructure, and product roadmap that would position the brand to grow at its desired trajectory.


High-fidelity wireframes and prototypes were created to help engage with user conversations and provide usability insights.

A Minimum Viable Product

Worked collaboratively with the client and dev team towards the design and development of an MVP that focused on simplicity and functionality to satisfy user experience.

The Results

Heatr is rated 4.4/5 on App Store with positive reviews for its current design and functionality.